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The fast lane to affordable housing for one Toronto resident is in a lane way

Brandon Donnelly

City council will consider a report this week on the potential to transform some of the city's laneways into a resource for new housing.

That's something Brandon Donnelly welcomes. He's been thinking about building a laneway house for more than a decade and even went so far as to submit drawings to the city's planning department five years ago.

The 34-year-old real-estate developer said the reception back then wasn't positive. "They had no idea what it was. 'Where's the street? There's no frontage.' It didn't register with them," he recounted. "They didn't support it so I decided to put it on hold and wait for the landscape to change."

He believes change is here: he recently brushed off his original drawings, made some adjustments and re-submitted his plans to build a laneway home behind a house he owns in the St. Clair Avenue and Dufferin Street area.

"To build it, the cost of it is really the construction cost and the servicing costs, but it's a lot less than going out and buying a lot and trying to build a ground-related house," said Donnelly.

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