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Learn how some clients are building an additional 500 000 for their retirement

Hey there! 

I'm just as curious as you are to find out what the new normal will look like going forward and I'm looking forward to the new innovations that will be created out of need and desire. This real estate market seems to be very resilient as we see prices going up even during a State of Emergency! 

You know, a lot of my clients who have owned their homes for a few years often say they wish they had bought just ONE MORE property back when they bought their family home. Imagine, if you had bought another house in your neighborhood at the same time... You’d have 2 houses worth as much as your home is worth now!

But I know how it is. Back when you bought your home, you had other obligations and considerations. Now I suppose your focus is on planning for retirement (Too soon?? Did I hit a nerve? :-)  It's NEVER too soon!)

Would you like to learn how some clients are building an additional $500,000 for their retirement?

OK! I will be holding an event on June 18th at 6:30PM that will explain this in more detail. Numbers are limited but would you like to be put on the invitation list? If so, please send an email to and we'll set you up to attend the Zoom presentation OR click button in the image.


 (just in case it doesn't work properly due to my limited technical skills you could always send us an email at 

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