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Find Love in High Park

First to know

We want to give you the heads up about this sizzling hot condo townhome in High Park that will hit the open market soon and we want you to be the first to know so you can be first in! Two storeys of living space offer 3 bedrooms, 3 washrooms, balcony, deeded parking and loads of extra storage with 2 lockers.

Skip the elevators if you wish, you can access this gorgeous suite directly from outdoors. Looking for amenities? You have access to them all, including the only rock climbing wall in any condo in town. Looking for location? What's better than being steps to subway, High Park and all of it's offerings, off-leash dog park, Martin-Goodman Trail, schools, shops and restaurants, close to the lake and highways.

This home has it all, and offers the best of both worlds: condo life and the feeling of a freehold.

Reach out for more 'insider information'. We'd love to tell you more!

A little kindness

Why not reach out to someone today who may be in need of a kind word or two? Let me share a story with you. I remember saying "good morning" to a gentleman on the sidewalk. He had been stooped over his walker making his way and I smiled and chirped a greeting as I passed by on my way in to the office. He snapped up, looked at me a little surprised, realized that I was speaking to him and instantly stood straighter and nodded back with a smile on his face.

This happened at least 20 years ago and yet I still remember it well. It made such an impression on me because such a small simple gesture had made a big impact on a stranger and dare I say, on me. A little kindness is worth a great deal and I hope you will be inspired to share some today.  You never know just how important it may be to the person receiving and how wonderful it can make you feel.

Enjoy your Sunday, Valentine's Day and the long weekend.


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